Puppy Preschool

For Puppies up to 6 Months

Got a new puppy? How exciting! And busy. To help socialize and prepare your puppy to live happily in your home, we would like to invite you and your puppy to join our Puppy Preschool class. Puppy Preschool offers the three basic components of obedience training:

  • Manners
    no jumping on people, no biting, not chewing on Mommy's favorite shoes
  • Basic Commands
    walking on a leash, "Sit", "Down", "Stay", "Come"
  • Socialization
    getting used to other people and children as well as other dogs of all sizes

Classes are held in six consecutive weekly one-hour sessions at the clinic with a total cost of $80. If you and your puppy are interested in a fun way to learn and would like to register or request a brochure with more information call us or stop in anytime.

Upcoming Dates for Puppy Preschool:

(coming soon!)

Download a brochure here (3mb pdf download)

Connie Fields

In 2002, Connie developed the Puppy Preschool Program for Animal Medical Center. Her motivation came from her own experience as both a student and teacher of obedience and a desire to offer pet owners a positive and easy way to train their puppies. It was important to her to develop a program utilizing only reward-based methods of training and positive reinforcement.

Connie has been involved in obedience training sine 1990. Her introduction began with her own dominant aggressive dog, Casey, who joined her household at four months of age. Casey exhibited many bad behaviors that Connie had to learn to overcome. That experience gave her great insight into dog behavior and how dogs think and learn. After teaching basic obedience classes for several years, Connie began teaching classes in competitive obedience for students wanting to show their dogs in the sport. She's earned numerous obedience titles on her own dogs to date, including US top ten recognition for the breed. A majority of her students have also earned obedience titles as well as top ten recognition for their breeds. Connie continues her training by attending seminars and taking classes on dog behavior and training.

Connie is a member of the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians, Queen City Dog Training Club, Dayton Dog Training Club, and The Dalmatian Club of America and is a Certified Test Evaluator for the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen program.


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